Investment & Brokerage Services

If you’re looking to acquire or sell a Manufactured Housing or Apartment Community or would like a detailed analysis of your property or would like due diligence performed, FCP provides a comprehensive catalog of services.

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Valuation Services

FCP uses a wealth of experience to provide accurate “Street Appraisals” if and when a full appraisal may not be required. Clients have found this service tremendously useful when evaluating partnership or trust questions, unsolicited offers, tax assessments, etc. Banks and MAI appraisal firms regularly contact FCP for valuation opinions.

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First Commercial Properties’ impeccable reputation has been established over 35+ years of selling Apartments and Manufactured Housing communities in the northwest. fcpmedia_ei provides Buyers and Sellers the REAL LIFE expertise required in dealing with straightforward to complex transactions.

We structure and close deals with the Client’s best interest in mind.

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Due Diligence

Commercial real estate transactions are complex. Your due diligence process should be handled with the skill and care of experts who possesses an operational viewpoint every single day. That’s why hiring FCP is critical to your bottom line. We not only preserve value but we create value by looking where no one else may have looked, both at possible new sources of revenue and potential liabilities with infrastructure.


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Our industry-leading team is here to help you with sales, acquisitions, due diligence, and all aspects of today’s complex real estate market. First Commercial Properties is preeminently qualified to identify and address community and financial performance concerns.

We Shape Communities For Sale at NO Additional Cost.

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Rent Surveys

Ideally, community owners should know their competition’s rent, in addition to what is and what is not included in their rent (i.e. water/sewage/garbage, cable, etc.). FCP has a comprehensive database used to provide accurate rental surveys for communities in the Northwest. Our rental surveys include an “Adjusted Rent” formula which is vital to accurately price the target property.

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Investment Groups

FCP empowers Clients with opportunities to invest (or reinvest) in superior quality communities with significantly better Return On Investment (ROI).

We Guarantee It.